The surprising cause of a wall of toxic foam threatening a community

This is the wall of toxic foam that has appeared in a river and is threatening local residents and crops.

The startling images were taken at the Thirumanimuthar river in the city of Salem, in Namakkal District, in southern India’s Tamil Nadu State.

In vision taken of the phenomenon, a wall of thick white foam can be seen rising from the river as it flows underneath.

The foam is believed to have been caused by the local dyeing industry, local media reported.

A wall of toxic foam rising from an Indian river is threatening local residents and crops. Source: CEN/Australscope

Reports suggest that untreated chemicals used in dyeing have been released into the river and could include cancerous azo dyes, traditionally used to treat textiles and leather artefacts.

Farmers in the area are reportedly worried that the polluted river will ruin their crop as heavy rainfall in the area is causing the river to swell.

The polluted water could make its way into the crops’ soil and destroy the harvest.

Residents have reportedly been told to avoid the allegedly toxic foam. It is unclear if local authorities are investigating.

The case is similar to the toxic foam that was recently found in an Indian lake polluted with sewage.

Bellandur Lake in the city of Bangalore, in southern India’s Karnataka State, had white toxic foam rising out of it.