Surprise reaction to Coles releasing hot cross buns day after Christmas

A traditional Easter favourite has become so popular that customers are demanding supermarkets start selling it four months before the holiday.

Today Coles announced the December 26 release of hot cross buns, claiming they are giving in to what the customer wants.

Last year the supermarket giant released the treats on December 28 and within four days, more than 2.1 million hot cross buns were sold.

“They used to be an Easter-only treat, but our bakers are constantly being asked by customers when they can get their hands on our hot cross buns,” Coles category manager Frederick Hancock said in a statement.

The first hot cross buns of the season being prepared in the Coles bakery. Source: Coles

According to the supermarket giant, 53 per cent of their surveyed customers said they enjoyed hot cross buns outside of the Easter period.

This year the buns have been rebranded as ‘Boxing Day Buns’ and nobody seems to mind the early release, in fact social media is bursting with excitement and shoppers are ready to get their hands on the sweet and sticky treat usually reserved for April.

“They should just put them straight in my belly,” one person wrote on Facebook.

Another suggested they were suitable for the silly season and could easily fit with gifts under the Christmas tree.

“They do look like gift wrapped pressies,” a person said.

While there were a few people who seemed upset about the early sale, the overwhelming majority of people were more than happy to give into their cravings.

“Why can't people wait? Why does it have to be instant gratification?” one annoyed person commented.

“I’m in, they taste so good! If you don’t like them don’t buy them,” a hungry customer responded.

According to the Coles, 53 percent of their surveyed customers said they enjoyed hot cross buns outside of the Easter period. Source: Coles

To kick off the new ‘Boxing Day bun tradition’, Coles is offering a handful of flavours with apple and cinnamon, traditional fruit, fruit-free and chocolate varieties available from today.

As Easter draws closer, the supermarket giants, including Woolworths, will be releasing more varieties.

Woolworths told Yahoo News Australia they too will have hot cross buns on shelves come January 2 and are working hard on “exciting twists for customers to enjoy”.

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