Surprise discovery after neighbours notice horrific smell

When residents of a boarding house noticed a foul odour coming from an abandoned room, they feared that their missing neighbours had come to a grim end.

Expecting the worst, they thought the smell may have led to the city’s latest “chop-chop” victim, a colloquial term for murder victims whose bodies are chopped into pieces.

Police arrived at the house as part of their murder investigation, but were surprised to discover the real cause of the smell – some rotten eggs.

Residents of the boarding house in the city of Butuan, in the Caraga Region of the Philippines, had called police after detecting the pungent odour.

Police in the Philippines arrived at the scene expecting the worst, but made a surprise discovery. Source: GMA News via Asiawire/Australscope

The owner of the boarding house, whose name is not reported, told police that the room’s Filipina tenant, Arnadette Pepito, and her Korean live-in partner had been missing for months.

Fearing the worst, police officers broke into the room and launched a search – but all they found were some rotten eggs that were causing the offensive odour.

However Ms Pepito’s mother is still concerned about her whereabouts as police continue searching for the missing couple.

Police launched a murder investigation after residents complained of a foul smell coming from an abandoned room in a guest house only to discover these rotten eggs. Source: GMA News via Asiawire/Australscope

The investigation in Butuan was previously linked to the discovery of body parts in the nearby city of Bayugan only a few days earlier.

Police in Bayugan and Butuan have joined forces to try to find other parts of the body to identify the “chop-chop” victim.

With Asiawire/Australscope