Suranne Jones explains why she has started howling at work

The Vigil star hosts a new documentary about witch trials which empowered her to embrace the ritual.

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 28: Suranne Jones attends the
Suranne Jones learnt to howl after studying the history of women accused of witchcraft. (Getty Images for Sky UK Ltd)

Suranne Jones revealed she has adopted a new ritual of howling on the set of her latest acting project.

The Vigil star hosts a new Channel 4 documentary about witch trials which inspired her to get in touch with her inner voice and let it all out. Appearing on The One Show Jones revealed how she had been taught to howl by singer Bat For Lashes and brought it to the set of her new drama, encouraging the crew to join her.

Jones presents Suranne Jones: Investigating Witch Trials, a three part documentary investigating the persecution of women through out history who were accused of witchcraft, and the legacy they have left behind.

Suranne Jones attends The MS Society's annual Carols By Candlelight at Westminster Chapel on December 14, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Dave Benett/Getty Images)
Suranne Jones has started howling at work. (Getty Images)

The Doctor Foster star told The One Show hosts Alex Jones and Lauren Laverne: "It was from the wonderful musician, Bat For Lashes. She has some tarot cards out as well, so she gave me a reading, which was amazing. And then she said, Why don't you try howling. In her concerts she howls to the audience and they reply. And I'd watch this and I was quite jealous of the release that you feel.

"So now I take it on to work sets, and I had the whole crew howling at work on my last job. I've just finished a Netflix job, and they were all, like, 'I'm not sure why I'm doing this. But it feels kind of good.' Because it moves your insides and basically, for what people think, 'Oh, she's a bit mad!', actually, you're giving yourself the, you're saying 'I can be loud today. I can use my voice today.' And you feel your insides and it sets you up for the day."

Natasha Khan AKA Bat For Lashes performs at EartH Hackney on November 26, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Lorne Thomson/Redferns)
The singer Natasha Khan AKA Bat For Lashes taught Suranne Jones to howl. (Getty Images)

Mother-of-three Jones said: "I was just thinking, maybe I'll just leave the kids downstairs when it's getting a bit much, go up to the bedroom and howl!"

Jones is due to star in new Netflix thriller The Choice, about the British prime minister's husband being kidnapped.

Adam Lambert attends OUTLOUD Music Festival at 2024 WeHo Pride on May 31, 2024 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Sarah Morris/WireImage)
Adam Lambert said he did not regret less open about his sexuality on American Idol. (Getty Images)

Adam Lambert was also on the show talking about his new documentary Adam Lambert: Out, Loud and Proud, exploring British LGBTQ+ artists in the music industry.

The singer was runner-up on American Idol in 2009. He said he did not regret not talking about his sexuality on the primetime talent show.

Lamber told Laverne: "Well, it's funny because, you know, if I was on the show now, it would just be like, 'Yeah, whatever.' This is 2009 in America and you guys are about 10 years ahead of us. I always say, in terms of acceptance and visibility we're 10 years behind you. So, in 2009, it was definitely like, you just didn't talk about it.

"No one ever said to me, 'Don't say anything', but it also there was never really a bridge to talk about it. It had nothing to do with what I was doing. This was before identity was sort of expected to be talked about. It didn't come up, Ryan Seacrest didn't ask me who I was in bed with the night before. So I it didn't come up.

"But, you know, I was pretty flamboyant. I was pretty camp. I think most people were like, 'Oh' [nods], you know? So as soon as the show was over and I was allowed to do interviews, because while we're on the show, they kind of kept us in a little bubble. My first interview I did Rolling Stone and I was like, 'Yeah, I'm gay.'"

The One Show airs on BBC One at 7pm Monday to Friday.

Suranne Jones: Investigating Witch Trials airs on Channel 4 on Sunday 23 June at 9pm.

Adam Lambert: Out, Loud and Proud airs on ITV1 on Wednesday 19 June at 9pm.