Support group boss avoids jail over heroin


The former chief of an organisation aimed at helping substance abusers has been spared a jail sentence for supplying heroin.

Louise Janette Grant, 51, was employed at the WA Substance Users Association in February 2015 when she supplied her partner with some heroin and also arranged for the supply to a friend, the WA District Court heard on Tuesday.

Grant, who quit WASUA in 2015 to save embarrassment to the organisation, was among a few employees charged with drug offences.

Judge Anthony Derrick said Grant, who also has a history of drug addiction, had not taken advantage of her position but had "demonstrated a degree of hypocrisy".

"Heroin is a bad drug, as you from your own experience should know," he told Grant.

"Heroin is capable of causing a great deal of misery to those who use it and to those who are close to people who use it.

"By engaging in the conduct that you did, you contributed in a significant way to the further distribution of this deleterious drug into our community."

Grant was fined $1500 and granted an 18-month suspended prison sentence with conditions, including a program and supervision requirement.