'Here's your firing': Supermarket worker sacked during lockdown goes on store rampage

A supermarket shelf-stacker took terrible revenge on his former employer after he was fired during the coronavirus lockdown in Russia.

The 37-year-old man smashed dozens of bottles of alcohol in a crazed attack on the store in Tashtagol, Siberia, with the angry rampage all caught on the store’s CCTV.

A river of wine, vodka and brandy flowed across the floor as he kicked out at the packed shelves.

The supermarket is now calculating the cost of the mayhem.

The man didn't take his firing with equanimity. Source: East2West/australscope

The man, named by local media as Vitalya, was told to “calm down” by staff who also used an emergency alarm to summon police during the outburst.

As the disgruntled took his anger out on the store shelves, onlookers could be heard screaming: “What are you doing?”

In a foul-mouthed response, the fired worker made clear he was taking revenge for being sacked during Russia’s five week lockdown.

“Here’s your firing,” he shouted.

The dismissed worker solemnly congratulated the store owner after the rampage. Source: East2West/australscope

Police arrived at the store in industrial Kemerovo region and detained the man. A decision on charges will reportedly be made once the value of the damage is determined.

The exact circumstances of his dismissal were not disclosed.

Coronavirus case numbers are surging upwards in Russia and the country struggles to control the spread of the virus.

Russia now has the world's second-fastest rate of new infections behind the United States, the Moscow Times reported, as the number of official cases nears 200,000.

— Australscope

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