Supermarket slashes price of avocados to 10 cents

Millennials have come under fire in recent times for spending their money on smashed avocado breakfasts instead of saving for their first home.

But one supermarket made a decision which might help brunch-obsessed millennials keep up their smashed avo obsession and save for that property at the same time.

Shoppers in Perth were shocked to discover the normally expensive fruit selling for just 10 cents each at a Coles supermarket in Wanneroo after the supermarket over-ordered.

Maddie Burke took to Twitter on Tuesday, posting a picture as proof of her bargain discovery.

One Coles supermarket in Perth is selling avocados for 10 cents after an over-supply. Source: Twitter/Maddie_Burke

Social media users reacted with excitement.

“Avo toast FOR DAYS!” one person said.

“No more paying for ‘lemons’, NO MORE SMASHED FETA AND LEMON TOAST!!”

With the average smashed avocado on toast in a Perth cafe costing between $15 and $18, it’s music to the ears of cash-strapped millennials.

Millennials have been criticised for spending their money on expensive breakfasts of “smashed avocado”. Source: File/AAP

An avocado would typically sell for about $2.50 each at Coles.

Add feta, tomatoes, toast and a few other ingredients, and hipsters are consuming avocados at a significantly higher cost.

Avocados are now so popular that growers plan to double production by 2025 by planting more trees, the ABC reports.