Supermarket shopper's bizarre Covid 'outfit' goes viral

Shoppers have been left confused over a woman's bizarre performance inside a supermarket, where she opted to shop from inside a plastic cage-like contraption to protect herself from coronavirus.

The woman was filmed walking her full-body plastic cube throughout the retailer, in the United States, earlier last month.

Footage of the unexpected scene, captured inside an unknown supermarket, went viral after it was uploaded by TikTok user Jessica Smith with the caption, "just a typical day at your local grocery store in 2021".

Two stills from TikTok video of woman inside supermarket.
A woman was filmed inside a plastic cage doing her grocery shopping in the United States. Source: TikTok/jesss82911

Affixed to the rear of the plastic cube was a QR code which, according to TikTok users, was linked to the Instagram account "aseptic_chamber".

The person running the account later posted a TikTok of her own, confirming that she was indeed the person featured in the viral video.

Her contraption appeared to feature a pair of rubber gloves through which she could control the movements of a trolley.

Its movement across the floor was aided by four small wheels attached to each of the bottom corners.

According to an image of it shared to Instagram, it also had air filters attached to the roof.

The woman behind the cube, whose name has not been revealed, posed inside it for another Instagram pose in which it was being advertised for sale.

"Aseptic Chamber II (Bubble Bro) GET IT NOW ONLY $199.99," the caption read. It was not clear if the post was satirical or genuine, given it was one of just three on the account.

There was a diverse range of responses to the TikTok video, with some ridiculing the woman and others defending her for simply trying to feel safe.

"I see no problem here. As long as she's masked up. She's not hurting anyone and we don't know her situation. Let's be kinder to each other," one comment read.

Others were confused that the woman didn't opt to have her groceries delivered, while some argued she would still come in contact with germs when dismantling the cube to put in her car.

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