‘Handpicked by God’: IGA supermarket ridiculed over pricing error

Brooke Rolfe
·News Reporter
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Customers have been left reeling after a supermarket advertised fruit for a price shoppers claimed could only be justified if it was “handpicked by God”.

An IGA was called out online for its extortionate pricing after a photo of four figs placed on a layer of hay in a bowl next to a sign advertising them for $49.99 each was shared to Facebook.

Hundreds couldn’t believe their eyes, with some arguing it was a sign of struggling Australian farmers, while others put it down to a silly signage error.

Front of an IGA store in Australia.
The IGA (not pictured) raised eyebrows for its advertised price of figs. Source: Google Maps

Some thought perhaps an extra “9” had been added by accident, and the product was supposed to be priced at $4.99 each instead.

Others argued the most likely explanation was an employee mistakenly putting “each” in place of “per kilo”.

An IGA employee at a different location claimed her store was selling figs for $49.99 a kilo, adding weight to the suggestion an employee made an innocent signing mistake.

“Always ridiculously expensive - time to grow a fig tree,” one person wrote in a comment.

“That’s unbelievably expensive! I wonder who would buy those figs,” another said.

Several people who already owned a fig tree joking expressed their excitement at the thought of becoming instantly rich.

Four figs in bowl advertised for $49.99 each.
These four figs were advertised for about $50 each. Source: Facebook

“I have my own tree completely full but now I know they sell at this price I’m gonna sell them myself. Come pick five of my tree and pay me $100,” one woman wrote.

“I've got a fig tree that is loaded, at that price I could retire,” someone else wrote.

“Well I have a fig tree and I’m happy to sell them for half that price,” another said.

The IGA in question was not known, however pricing varies for each supermarket as they are independently owned.

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