'What is wrong with people?': Mum's 'utterly disgusting' find at kids' playground

A mother has issued an urgent warning to other parents after she said she found two used syringes in a playground just metres from where her son was playing.

Kiera Thorpe was with her husband and 18-month-old son at Grahame Stewart Park in Currimundi, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, on Sunday when she said she made the discovery.

Ms Thorpe said her husband found some empty needle packets, alerting the couple to the possibility there might be used needles hidden somewhere in the sand.

Their worst fears were confirmed when Ms Thorpe located two of the syringes near the playground’s train section.

A syringe in a cut-up can (left) and another in the sand (right) after a Sunshine Coast mother found them at Grahame Stewart Park in Currimundi.
A can with a cut-out square was found with two used needles. Source: Kiera Thorpe/Facebook

“We found the empty packets first but so glad we found the needles before our son did,” Ms Thorpe wrote on a local community Facebook page.

“Please please check your surroundings,” she added.

They also found a small aluminium can that had its side cut open in a rectangular shape.

Hundreds of social media users expressed their disgust at the dangerous waste being left at the park, describing those responsible as “scumbag little bastards”.

“This infuriates me, my son was playing there for the last two hours (supervised from a distance),” a parent wrote.

Used needles are in the sand at a children's playground on the Sunshine Coast.
The two used needles were in the sand close to the children's train section. Source: Kiera Thorpe/Facebook

“This is horrible and I’m forever telling my kids to wear shoes a the park this is just the most horrible thing ever,” another parent said.

“This is utterly disgusting its a kids park what is wrong with people,” another Facebook user added.

Queensland Police told Yahoo News Australia the discovery had not been reported.

Sunshine Coast Council has been contact for comment on the matter.

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