Kochie's Four-Week Money Makeover

Over the years, so many people have asked me for tips on how to manage their money better… how to take control of their money to make sure they stretch their hard earned dollars further, how to get a better deal from the bank, how to raise extra cash, how to sort out the financial relationship with your partner.

Kochie's Four-Week Money Makeover

Kochie's Four-Week Money Makeover

For the last few years Lib and I have been thinking about how we could best help people out in this area. Yes there are books and seminars you can go to but they all seem so stiff, serious and complicated.

So after a lot of thought we’ve designed a program which is practical, fun, educational, easy to use and where you can tailor it to your own personal situation.

Welcome to Kochie’s 4 Week Money Makeover at www.moneymakeover.com.au which helps you take control of your money once and for all. Over just four weeks Libby and I will show you how to cut debt, build savings, organise your personal financial relationships and create long-lasting wealth.

This is not your regular personal finance course, it's a full financial overhaul and transformation... and we’ll have fun doing it! Set aside just 15 minutes a day for four-weeks and ditch your bad money habits and get on the path to financial freedom.

How does the Money Makeover work?

We will send you daily videos you can watch anywhere anytime on any device. Each video will tackle a new topic in plain English to help you truly understand your money and get the financial system working for you. We’ll set a daily task to apply your new knowledge to your own personal situation and help you make actual savings.

Track your savings

Your progress and savings will be tracked in your personal Financial Control Centre here. We guarantee you will end up saving at least the $99 cost of the program if you complete the Money Makeover.

Be inspired

You will not complete the Money Makeover alone. You can chat to experts online, share issues in the discussion forum or catch weekly feature interviews with regular people who have reached their financial goals in extraordinary ways.

Sign up at www.moneymakeover.com.au

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