Sunrise hosts stunned by Cash Cow winner’s shock on-air response

The Sunrise hosts were taken aback during Wednesday morning’s show after the Cash Cow winner made a surprising comment live on-air.

NSW resident and mother-of-four Norma, who had just won $70,000, admitted that she didn’t pick up the call very quickly as she had fallen asleep during the show.

Sunrise hosts Nat Barr and Kochie looking shocked.
The Sunrise hosts were stunned by the Cash Cow winner’s confession. Photos: Channel Seven

“Norma, you were a bit slow to answer the phone,” David ‘Kochie’ Koch began. “Were you a bit distracted by the kiddies?”

“Um, I actually fell asleep on the lounge!” Norma replied, which was met with a fit of laughter from the team.


“Thanks! That must’ve been Eddy reading the news,” Natalie Barr commented, while Mark Beretta added, “Not during sport!”

“Was it something we said?!” Edwina Bartholomew chimed in.

When asked for further details by Kochie, Norma explained that she had “dozed off for a second”.

Sunrise hosts Nat Barr and Kochie looking at each other.
Norma told Nat and Kochie that she had “dozed off for a second”. Photo: Channel Seven

Mark couldn’t stop laughing, saying “great show!”, followed by Nat who remarked that the incident won’t be featured in the promo.

“We’ll send you a few clips from the show so you can catch up Norma, it was riveting stuff,” Eddy quipped.

Despite the awkward confession, the breakfast TV hosts were still in good spirits when congratulating Norma, who said she’d use the $70,000 to pay off debts.

“She’s not going to fall asleep now!” Nat commented, with Eddy admitting: “Sometimes we have a micro-sleep too and we’re actually on the show.”

Sunrise: putting winners to sleep,” Mark joked.

The hilarious moment comes amid reports that Sunrise is holding ‘crisis talks’ after Today won the ratings for the first time in three years earlier this month.

The Channel Nine breakfast show had 248,000 viewers on September 15, while Sunrise only managed 237,000 on the same day.

“The gap has been narrowing for a while, and while Seven relaxed and dropped their guard, Nine came along and pipped them at the post!” an insider reportedly told Woman's Day.

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