Capsized trawler that claimed the lives of six fishermen to be raised from ocean floor


A fishing trawler that capsized off the Queensland coast, claiming the lives of six fishermen, will be raised from the bottom of the ocean.

The rescue operation to retrieve the vessel which overturned in stormy seas on October 16 will start on Friday at Agnes Water.

Queensland Police will undertake an extensive inspection of the trawler, where two bodies were found but four remain missing.

The incident claimed the lives of skipper Ben Leahy, 45, and crew members Adam Hoffman, 30, Eli Tonks, 39, Adam Bidner, 33, Chris Sammut, 34, and Zach Feeney, 28.

Ruben McDornan survived for 12 hours in rough seas until he was rescued by a passing yacht.

The men were below deck when their sea cucumber trawler capsized near Middle Island. Photo: QPS

Ruben McDornan, the ship's only survivor, drifted in rough seas for 12 hours before he was rescued by a passing yacht.

Queensland Police used sonar equipment to locate the vessel about two to three nautical miles (3.7 - 5.5km) off Round Hill Headland on Friday afternoon.