Sunk Russian corvette carried anti-ship missiles, Ukraine says

DIU announces destruction of Russian boat Ivanovets in Crimea
DIU announces destruction of Russian boat Ivanovets in Crimea

The sinking of guided missile corvette Ivanovets is a "very significant loss" for the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the Ukrainian Navy said in a Telegram post on Feb. 1.

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The message said that the vessel was on combat duty, guarding a base in Novoozerne, Crimea.

"This is a rather significant loss, given the presence of only three such boats of this type in the Russian Black Sea Fleet and the weapons [it carries], including Moskit anti-ship missiles with a range of up to 130 km," the report said.

According to the Ukrainian military, Russian search and rescue operations are underway.

Ivanovets was a 1241.1 Project guided missile corvette, designed to attack a variety of surface and ground targets with its missile armaments.

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During naval wargames in July 2023, Russia fired a Moskit missile from Ivanovets, sinking Ukrainian corvette Ternopil. Ternopil was captured by Moscow in 2014 during the occupation of Crimea.

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The sinking of Ivanovets was reported by Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence, saying that Ukrainian naval drones scored several direct hits on the ship’s hull

With very limited capabilities of its own manned surface fleet, Ukraine has managed to destroy and damage more than 20 Russian ships during the war.

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