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Check out the highlights of Sunday Night 2015, so far, as we take a look back at some of our favourite moments.

Hetty Verolme has returned for the first time to Bergen Belsen concentration camp in Northern Germany, where she spent a year as a teenager ensuring the survival of nearly 50 children.

Dick Smith has launched criticism at Richard Green's "risky" flying history after his good friend and filmmaker John Davis was killed in a crash on November 7.

Destiny Rescue extract a young woman called Dao from a brothel and show her the life she could choose in the organisation's safe houses.

15-year-old 'Nung' has been given a chance at a new life after a carefully planned extraction and police raid ended her young career as a prostitute, but she is one of thousands.

Denham Hitchcock meets the Australian organisation saving underage girls from a life of prostitution in Thailand. Incredibly, many are sent there by their families.