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Why did Brenda Lin's uncle massacre her entire family? The sole survivor finally breaks her silence in Sunday Night's exclusive premiere.

The sole survivor of the brutal mass murders that claimed the lives of her family members has opened up to Sunday Night in an exclusive interview.

Model, actor, fashion icon - Jerry Hall reflects on a life in the spotlight.

Don’t let her impeccable manners fool you – Dame Julie Andrews is far from the wholesome Maria Von Trapp etched into our childhood memories.

The US funnyman simply cannot give a serious answer. Instead, his encounter with reporter Rahni Sadler is perhaps Sunday Night’s most hilarious celebrity interview ever, as he talks about his …

After returning from Afghanistan where he watched his friend killed, James Milliss suffered from PTSD. His marriage was suffering and his autistic son was too much for him to handle. Incredibly, it …

Andre Rieu is the world’s most flamboyant violinist. At 66 his youthful sense of fun on stage and his tremendous talent have made him an international star.