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He was chased for 20 minutes by a farmer hell-bent on murder and gunned down in front of a mate. But what set off this cold-blooded killer?

This week actor Martin Clunes joins Sunday Night with Kerri-Anne Kennerley to dish out some Aussie secrets.

It's the Hollywood split that has shocked the world - so why does this recent interview portray a strong couple overcoming their challenges together?

Mason Cox is one success story in a bold experiment by the AFL using American recruits - so which other Aussie clubs are following suit?

After being held captive in it for eight and a half years Natascha Kampusch now owns the house of horrors that was her prison and says she won't sell it for fear it will be made a 'theme park'.

"You can choose who you follow on social media" Ashy Bines hits back at people who criticise her message and her influence.

Which AFL clubs are taking a massive gamble recruiting international players who have never even seen the game before, and will it pay off?

Young Australian Muslim Zaynab Alshelh travelled to France to make a stand over the burkini ban and took a very special gift with her to give to local activists - a burkini in the French national …

She has has built an empire on motivating women but is Ashy Bines​ really running a body-obsessed cult too focused on perfection?

The man we know was 'The Boss' had a rocky start in music. He opens up about his famed gruelling performances and life as a rockstar.