The super recognisers using their extraordinary skills to fight crime

They are ordinary people with extraordinary powers; all they need is one glimpse and they’ll remember a face forever.

Those who possess this rare talent are called super recognisers and have the phenomenal ability to remember faces - even complete strangers who they pass on the street.

It’s a talent perfect for catching criminals – and that’s exactly what they’re doing, working with Scotland Yard in London when even the most sophisticated technology fails.

Scotland Yard's super recogniser team caught this criminal using only a CCTV image of his eyes.

"A super recogniser is someone who falls into less than one per cent of the human population," former chief inspector Mick Neville tells Steve Pennells in a Sunday Night report to air this weekend.

"This is not a skill you can be taught, you’re either born with it or you’re not."

This Sunday 8pm, the hunt is on to find Australia’s top super recognisers. Take part in the national test, only on Seven's Sunday Night.

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