It was one of Australia’s worst mass murders – a lone gunman who killed seven innocent people and injured 19 others in a shooting rampage on the streets of Melbourne.

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This week on Sunday Night: The Hoddle Street Massacre


VIDEO Thirty years ago, a lone gunman opened fire on the streets of Melbourne in a horrifying shooting rampage that killed seven people and injured 19 others. This week on Sunday Night: The Hoddle Street Massacre

Now, 30 years after the Hoddle Street massacre, Australia will see for the first time the killer’s chilling manifesto of murder; his step-by-step account of the terrifying attack.

“Shoot! Shoot! Kill them all. Ambush!” Julian Knight wrote in one passage.

Julian Knight killed seven people in the Hoddle Street massacre.

In a special Sunday Night investigation to air this weekend, lost police tapes from 1987 will be broadcast, showing a handcuffed Knight the day after the massacre.

Knight leads police around Hoddle Street, describing in detail each of his murders

“I put another two rounds into him,” he tells a detective, holding his hands like a gun.

Melissa Doyle sits down with Knight's psychologist, Tim Watson-Munro.

“What was the purpose in doing that?” the detective asks.

“Finish him off,” Knight replies.

This cold-blooded killer was eligible for parole in 2014 – could he soon be released onto our streets?

The special investigation into the Hoddle Street massacre airs this Sunday, only on Seven’s Sunday Night.

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