He’s the flamboyant designer who critiques homes on national television – and now he’s opening the doors to his own luxurious mansion.

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This Sunday: Meet the real LLB


VIDEO This Sunday: Meet the real LLB This Sunday: Meet the real LLB

At home with his family in Britain's picturesque countryside, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is a delightfully charming host.

But he has won fans on Channel 7’s House Rules in Australia by being ferociously blunt.

The flamboyant interior designer invited Melissa Doyle into his home in Britain's countryside.
'It's a gentlemen's throne room,' Laurence says of his downstairs bathroom.

“I’ve always occupied a space in the British mentally which is kind of love them or loathe them, which I’m absolutely fine about,” he tells Melissa Doyle in a candid interview to air on Sunday.

“I am always going to be honest, shockingly honest.”

From a dark moment in his childhood to a hilarious run-in with royalty, nothing is off limits in this outrageous interview.

Meet the real LLB: Sunday after House Rules on Channel 7

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