It was the murder that never happened.

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Henry Keogh: Fighting for justice


VIDEO Henry Keogh spent 20 years behind bars for a murder that never happened. In a major Sunday Night investigation, we're uncovering more and more tainted cases. Source: Sunday Night Henry Keogh: Fighting for justice

In 1995, Henry Keogh was jailed for 20 years for the drowning death of his fiancée, Anna-Jane Cheney, in the bathtub of their Adelaide home.

But not only was Henry innocent - there was no crime at all.

Henry Keogh is fighting for compensation for the 20 years he spent behind bars.

His life sentence was based on the now discredited autopsy findings of chief forensic pathologist Dr Colin Manock.

Now, Henry is fighting for justice not only for himself, but also for other possibly innocent victims that remain behind bars as a result of Dr Manock’s testimony.

“There are others,” he tells Sunday Night in an exclusive interview to air this weekend.

Henry pictured with his former fiancee, Anna-Jane Cheney.

“They need justice too.”

Two of those victims share strikingly similar circumstances to Henry’s case.

They were also convicted of murder in South Australia and in each case, damning evidence was presented by Dr Manock.

South Australia's former chief forensic pathologist Dr Colin Manock.
Journalist Graham Archer has followed Henry's story from the beginning.

Journalist Graham Archer has followed Henry’s story from the beginning and slams the case as “the forensic scandal of the century”.

“Nothing compares to this. Not in Australia, not even overseas,” he tells Sunday Night.

As we uncover more and more tainted cases, how many other innocent victims could be locked away? Sunday Night’s major investigation airs this Sunday, 7pm on Channel 7.

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