A statue that cries tears and weeps blood and communion wafers that inexplicably transform into blood and flesh; are they works of a divine presence or an elaborate hoax?

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The blood of Christ


VIDEO Miracles or frauds? Join Mike Willesee's groundbreaking investigation into a series of inexplicable events in churches around the world. Source: Sunday Night The blood of Christ

In a Sunday Night special event, Mike Willesee reveals the results of a two decade-long investigation that has taken him to churches around the world.

In Argentina and Mexico, blood and flesh mysteriously appeared on communion wafers inside Catholic churches.

This statue of Jesus Christ in Bolivia is said to cry and seep blood.

In Bolivia, a statue of the son of God brought locals to their knees when blood and tears seemed to seep out of it.

Samples were gathered and tested at state of the art forensic laboratories in America and Australia, where the results challenged Mike’s own beliefs.

Mike Willesee with one of the 'miracle' hosts.

“Could this really be living proof of Jesus Christ? Or is it just an elaborate hoax?” Mike asks in the ground breaking investigation to air Sunday.

“It all comes down to this, using microscopic samples to answer the biggest question of all.”

'''Believer or skeptic, you’ll be stunned by what’s uncovered. The Blood of Christ airs Sunday 7pm on Channel 7.

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