Bodybuilder preview
Bodybuilder preview

She's the definition of a super mum. Raising four kids under the age of 10 and running her own business, Sophie Guidolin still manages to find time to compete as a fitness model.

Before the sun comes up, Sophie is already at the gym working on her goal of winning the bikini fitness division in the 2017 Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition.

“My alarm goes off at 4.30 and I get dressed in the dark,” she tells Sunday Night reporter Denham Hitchcock in an interview to air this weekend.

Sophie Guidolin says she wants to show other mums that anything is possible.

Sophie is no stranger to the stage. She’s a four-time national fitness model champion, with wins in the bikini and sportsmodel divisions.

Her husband, Nathan, is also a bodybuilding champion.

Sophie is competing for the first time since the birth of her twins.

Behind the scenes at the Arnold Classic is the man himself - Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"It's just a great addition to our sport to have women involved," he tells Sunday Night.

"As a matter of fact, in some areas been much better than men."

Arnold Schwarzenegger says he is thrilled women are involved in the world of bodybuilding.

Since the birth of her twins via caesarean section 19 months ago, Sophie felt her chances at taking out the title were hindered.

“I guess that is exactly my reason to go back to competition,” she says.

“I want to show other mums out there that there is literally no goal that is too big that you can’t possibly achieve.”

Watch as Sophie takes the stage this Sunday, 8.30pm on Channel 7.

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