Australian actress Melissa George says she was struck in the mouth and had her head slammed against a metal coat rack in a sickening assault at the hands of her former partner.

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Melissa George breaks her silence - Part 1


VIDEO Melissa George breaks her silence - Part 1 Melissa George breaks her silence - Part 1

While her two sons were sleeping in their Paris home in the early hours of September 7 last year, an argument erupted between Melissa and the boys’ father, Jean-David Blanc.

“It started with him on top of me, with my arms locked above my head,” she told reporter Steve Pennells in an exclusive Sunday Night interview.

Melissa George said her former partner struck her in the face and smashed her head against a coat rack.
Melissa and Jean-David Blanc have two children together.

“I just tried to fight for myself, which made him more angry, which made me more angry and he pushed me into the door and then struck my face and I hit the wall and fell on the floor,” she said.

“He stood over me and said: ‘Now you’re a real actress’.”

Melissa said her first thought was to phone the police, but the vicious assault wasn’t over.

“He grabbed the back of my head and smashed it on the metal thing where you hang your coats and that’s when I scratched him and I tried to fight for my life,” she said.

This photograph of one of Melissa's head injuries was taken eight days after the assault.

Terrified and bleeding, Melissa called an Uber that drove her to nearest police station.

When Melissa arrived she began vomiting, which prompted officers to call her an ambulance.

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Melissa George breaks her silence - Part 2


VIDEO Melissa George breaks her silence - Part 2 Melissa George breaks her silence - Part 2

“I had marks around my wrists when I was thrown into the door, I had bruising on my back, my bottom and my hip. When he struck my face I had swelling to the left side of my face. When he hit my mouth I had a broken inner lip and then when he cracked my head onto the metal valet I had a huge lump above my eye that swelled and swelled and swelled and then slowly over the weeks the worst part was my neck. My neck wasn't able to move, turn left, right, up or down,” Melissa recalled.

For the past six months, the Perth-born actress has remained silent about the attack and the bitter custody dispute that has followed.

She said she is unable to accept acting jobs in America or Australia because Jean-David will not allow her to leave France with her children and she refuses to be away from them.

“I'm a mother first and foremost. I'm a mother, a role that everyone knows I wanted to be. That's the biggest role that I'll ever have in my life, the other roles are secondary.”

Melissa said she is willing to give up her career so stay with her children.

Pushed to her absolute limit with nowhere else to turn, Melissa is making a desperate cry for help.

“I want my country to help me get home that's it, I've got nothing else.

“A happy ending would be to go home with my kids and the father can have his kids as often as he wants and see them but to be able to show my kids my country and where they are from.”

More on this story in New Idea out tomorrow.

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Melissa George breaks her silence - Part 3


VIDEO Melissa George breaks her silence - Part 3 Melissa George breaks her silence - Part 3

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