Australian actress Melissa George has revealed her anguish and heartache over the terrifying domestic assault that has left her trapped in Paris and fighting to protect her children.

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Melissa George breaks her silence


VIDEO Melissa George breaks her silence. Source: Sunday Night Melissa George breaks her silence

Emotional and drained, Melissa tells Sunday Night nothing matters more than being able to care for her two young sons, three-year-old Raphael and one-year-old Solal.

“I don’t care what you do to me, just make sure my kids are healthy, clothed, fed, happy,” she says in the exclusive interview to air on Sunday.

Both Melissa and her former partner, Jean-David Blanc were convicted of assault after a violent altercation in their Paris home in the early hours of September 7 last year.

Melissa breaks down in tears as she reveals to reporter Steve Pennells that she knocked unconscious during the attack.

“I’ve been hit, I’ve been in a fight,” she says. “I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t turn my neck.”

Melissa was hospitalised after the assault.

She denies claims by Jean-David that she attempted to flee France with her children to avoid a lengthy court battle over the custody of Raphael and Solal.

The boys currently spend a week with their mother and a week with their father.

Melissa with her former partner, Jean-David Blanc.

Melissa says she is unable to accept acting jobs in America or Australia because Jean-David will not allow her to leave France with her children and she refuses to be away from them.

“I’m a mother first and foremost, I’m a mother. That’s the biggest role that I’ll ever have in my life. The other roles are secondary.”

Watch Melissa’s full interview tonight 8:30pm on Channel 7.

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