SN ART Best of Sunday Night behind-the-scenes
The day-job is an emotional roller-coaster for our team.

Check out the best unscripted, unexpected and unbelievable moments from Sunday Night assignments.

When our teams are travelling the world we see a lot more than what ends up on the TV screen. Here are a few of those exceptional moments...

Bob the barking cockatoo
Even the pets of this unusual family are one-of-a-kind. Kerri-Anne hits the road with a family with no fixed address.

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SNEAK PEEK: Holiday road behind-the-scenes


Denham's soft side
During our story on The Mount, a nursing home combined with a childcare centre, we captured some amazing moments on camera including a music solo from Denham Hitchcock.

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WEB EXTRA: Nursing home bloopers


Breaking the world record
Sunday Night travelled to Tasmania with the guys from internet sensation How Ridiculous to break the world record for the highest ever basketball shot. Producer Paul Waterhouse was 'overwhelmed' at the achievement.

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Watch the shot: How Ridiculous break world record


VIDEO Watch the boys from How Ridiculous sink a basketball shot from Tasmania's Gordon Dam, 126m above the hoop. Source: Sunday Night Watch the shot: How Ridiculous break world record

The best victory dance
Even the boys who broke the world record with a near-impossible basketball shot didn't look as excited as Aussie Professional Bull-Rider Ben Jones after a win.

Hanging with rock royalty
Alex Cullen jamming with Andrea Bocelli, Chris Bath backstage with Miley and Coldplay goofing off during an interview, we've seen some great moments on the road with these stars.

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Sunday Night’s best moments in music


Our resident action-man
Denham Hitchcock learned to fly a paramotor for his story on the missing plane VH-MDX.

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Behind the scenes: Finding a plane in a jungle


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