Husband's attempted murder planned years earlier

Soteriou is serving nine years non-parole for attempted murder after having her lover, Ari Dimitrakis, stab her husband of 18 years as he left his 44th birthday celebrations in 2010.

Chris Soteriou was stabbed six times in the stomach and had his throat cut.

Chris Soteriou was stabbed six times in the stomach and had his throat cut.

But after her appeal was overturned in November 2013, former lover Tony Aleksovsky revealed to Sunday Night she asked him to kill Chris Soteriou for $50,000 during their 2005 affair.

"I think we were at the motel in Preston and we went inside and I lay down on the bed you know and she was standing and she said "I will ask you something...I want you to kill my husband and I want to give you $50,000 cash”," Aleksovsky said in the interview.

"I thought it was a bad joke you know if I thought she was serious I was going to go to the police."

He refused and soon after Vicky broke off their relationship.

Five years later, however, she tried again and nearly succeeded with another lover.

Vicky had been seeing Ari Dimitrakis in hotels, sending him erotic notes and even tattooed his initials on her wedding ring finger and in the hair line of the back of her neck.

She organized a birthday dinner and asked Dimitrakis to lay in wait for Chris as he left the party. She watched as he slit her husband's throat and stabbed him six times in the abdomen.

Chris recalls the night in detail in the interview but says the most painful moment was learning of his wife's betrayal.

"There was no feeling. I didn’t feel any pain, I just it was more shock. Just felt the blood run down my chest and felt this warm, warm fluid running down my body."

He woke after 10 days in a coma, just in time to see his wife confess to plotting the attack once police started to close in.

"As a divorced husband I was probably worth three million dollars, as a dead husband I was probably worth seven million dollars."

Incredibly, he says he has forgiven her and put her betrayal behind him but he has spent the last four years battling the legal system to have his children and his assets returned to him.

"I was the victim and It has just been a nightmare. I would never wish that process on my worst enemy."

As a result, Chris has put his energy into helping other victims of crime to navigate the legal system.

The Powerhouse Retreat is specifically designed to guide victim individuals and their families through the pivotal time during court proceedings and be used as an accommodation facility for victims attending lengthy court cases.

Donate to help fund the Powerhouse Retreat here.

"I really want to make sure other people don't go through the same thing with the law, after an ordeal like mine."

Before she was found guilty, Vicky and her family convinced her oldest daughter that Chris Soteriou had organised the attack to frame his wife.

He is still working on mending the relationship with his daughter, but has managed to open his heart to love again after meeting a new partner.

"She’s very strong, spiritual lady and a very balanced person. She’s a beautiful soul," Chris told reporter Rahni Sadler.

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Some of the proceeds from his book and all other charity donations will assist funding the PowerHouse Retreat, which will be situated at near proximity of the court precinct.

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