Mike and Quentin reunited - full story
Mike and Quentin reunited - full story

25 November, 2012

Reporter: Mike Willesee
Producer: Alex Garipoli

It’s been 30 years since Mike Willesee first interviewed Quentin Kenihan.

30 years since Australia first fell in love with the cheeky seven-year old who was confined to a wheelchair, suffering from a rare genetic bone condition. The boy who became a household name thanks to his cheeky character and positive attitude is now a 37-year old man, and his reunion with the veteran journo will warm your heart.

While Quentin still battles health problems, having suffered pneumonia for the past 12 months, his thirst for life is intact. Since that first interview, his career has thrived, and he works as a film maker, television presenter and corporate speaker. These days, Quentin also blogs regularly and interacts with his supporters via his website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Back at that first interview, Mike Willesee openly bribed him with toys to get the answers he was after, but now Quentin turns the tables and gives the interviewing legend a run for his money. See what happens when he returns a gift Mike gave him when they first met - Mike’s first Logie.


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