Catt v Catt - full story
Catt v Catt - full story

Roseanne Catt spent 3,652 days in jail for conspiring to murder her husband.

She was portrayed at her trial as an evil and manipulative wife who tried to poison him, offered others money to kill him, and attacked him with a cricket bat, a rock and a knife. She was found guilty, although she had no criminal history. During her resulting 10 years in jail, she was regularly beaten and bashed.

Catt was the longest-serving female prisoner in NSW before being exonerated and released. The Court of Appeal agreed she had been wrongly convicted: the victim of a husband who lied and his friend, a deceitful police officer who led the prosecution against her.

Roseanne had lost the best years of her life in what’s been described as a grave miscarriage of justice. But her battle is far from over: she now has to fight for compensation. Ironically Barry Catt, who has had AVO’s taken out against him by at least nine different women, did receive compensation when Roseanne was jailed that he has not had to pay back. Today Barry still claims his ex-wife is guilty, describing her as ‘Satan’.

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Catt v Catt


Now, both Roseanne and Barry Catt speak exclusively to Sunday Night. Roseanne has taken a lie-detector test, while Barry also agrees on camera to take one. Forget everything you thought you knew about this case: the story is more explosive than ever.

CLICK HERE to download the judgement documents from Roseanne Catt's 2005 appeal.


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