Best mates, best cheats - full story
Best mates, best cheats - full story

30 September, 2012

Reporter: Alex Cullen
Producers: Max Uechtritz & Paul Waterhouse

For years they were like brothers, standing shoulder to shoulder on top of the sporting world.

Lance Armstrong was a cycling god, winning seven Tour de France titles and earning a place as one of the greatest sportsmen in history. In his shadow and pushing him all the way was his mate Tyler Hamilton, who rode on the same US Postal team.

For years, Armstrong denied rumours his remarkable achievements were assisted by performance enhancing drugs. In fact, three years ago on this very program, Armstrong categorically denied ever taking drugs.

This Sunday, in the wake of the sensational developments in the story in recent months, Tyler Hamilton breaks ranks and calls Armstrong a cheat. In this interview with Alex Cullen, Hamilton breaks the sports code of silence and details the shocking truth about the drug cover-up that reaches all the way to the top.

Hamilton claims to have taken part in systematic drug taking with Lance Armstrong throughout their careers. It’s no surprise the two men have now fallen out. Who is telling the truth? You be the judge.

Hamilton has co-authored a new book, The Secret Race: Inside the Hidden World of the Tour de France, available now through Bantam Press/Random House.


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