Behind the veil
Behind the veil

24 June, 2012
Reporter: Rahni Sadler
Producer: Ali Russell
Researchers: Hannah Boekemann & Kelly Hawke
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Rahni Sadler ventures behind the veil, getting remarkable access with a group of dinky-di Aussie women and fun-loving feminists who have embraced Islam and choose to cover up. They wear Burqas but say they’re far from oppressed – driving fast cars, jumping out of planes and challenging anyone who questions their right to wear the veil.

Amina explains the difference between different type of head and face scarves:

“The hijab is where your face and your hands show but everything else is covered. And the niqab is where your face is covered but your eyes are showing. Sometimes your hands as well. The burqa is when you’re completely covered. Yeah. Which is what I’m wearing now is the burqa.”

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