Chamberlain s return to Uluru
Chamberlain's return to Uluru

24 June, 2012
Reporter: Ross Coulthart
Producer: Mick O'Donnell
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In an explosive, tell-all interview Michael Chamberlain returns to the site of baby Azaria's disappearance in the shadows of Uluru for the first time in more than 30 years.

With the fourth and final coronial inquest confirming last week that his daughter was killed by a dingo, Chamberlain is accompanied on the emotional journey with Azaria’s sister Zahra, who has never spoken publicly about the events which have so devastated her father.

The pair comes face-to-face with the Aboriginal tracker who followed the dingo that took baby Azaria – but was never called to give evidence.

Finally vindicated by the coroner after years of criticism and condemnation, Chamberlain opens up to Ross Coulthart about the conspiracy he believes tore him and wife Lindy apart. He reveals for the first time the poignant and powerful photos from his private photo album of the day Azaria went missing, as well as the diary entries that detail his marriage breakdown.

Michael Chamberlain with daughter Zahra. Photo: Seven Network

Zahra Chamberlain is the 15-year-old sister of Azaria, the little girl who was taken
by a dingo at Uluru 32 years ago. Despite the extraordinary media attention which has sometimes besieged her family, Zahra wants to be a journalist.

Michael Chamberlain's booked published by New Holland Publishing Australia


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