The ultimate battle
The ultimate battle

Reporter and director: Tim Noonan
Producer: Rebecca LeTourneau
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This is the story of an ordinary man showing extraordinary courage.

A few months ago Scott Sullivan was living the dream. At the age of 39 he had a beautiful wife Sarah and two gorgeous children: two year old Charlie and six year old Abbey. The family live in Brisbane where he’s a senior executive with Suncorp Bank.

Then he felt a tingle in his arm and visited a doctor who delivered bombshell news - Sullivan had Motor Neurone Disease - an illness with no cure that will slowly claim his life.

“I was living the dream … such a lovely life,” he says. It all happened really quickly.”

Motor neurones are a series of pathways which tell muscles to move. When the disease strikes, those pathways fade away. The mind functions perfectly but the body fails.

Scott is determined to live his life as normally as he can. In the meantime, he is determined to help others battling the illness, pinning the hopes of sufferers on a pill. It won't save Scott, but the world trial of this new drug could lead to a cure.

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The MND and Me Foundation

The Foundation is a not for profit organisation that was formed to raise awareness of Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and its' impact in the community. Please go to the website for information on how you can donate to the foundation.

Royal Brisbane Hospital

Sam Harris is running a charity in memory of his mum Suzie who passed away from MND. Below is the link to The Susie Harris Memorial Fund webpage. More information about his charity ball can also be found on the website.

Susie Harris Memorial Fund

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