WATCH: Who owns our farms?

With so many Aussie farms going broke, foreign investors are on a buying spree - leaving Australian farmers heartbroken.

Super-bulls bred for rodeo

Everyone knows what a rodeo looks like, but most people don’t know that today, for this sport, bulls are being specially bred to be tougher, meaner and stronger.

Foreign investors on hunt for Aussie farms

China is on the hunt for new food sources to feed its one and a half billion people and its central government has ordered $3 trillion be spent securing food and farmland overseas.

UPDATE: A face for Yahya

Sunday Night has had an incredible response to the story of Yahya's amazing transformation and here's a short update on his recovery.

Keeping The King Alive

The scene of Elvis’ spine-tingling, explosive comeback in the late ‘60s has been restored and the woman closest to him, Priscilla Presley, speaks about his incredible career.

A new face for Yahya

A Moroccan boy who was born without eyes, a nose, or a fully formed mouth has undergone marathon surgery to give him a new face.

A thank you letter from Gary Sturdy

Gary Sturdy, featured on Sunday night, has written a letter about the incredible response that helped he and his siblings find their mother.

Four orphans find their mother

Four orphans, abandoned in different locations over 14 years, who came together by chance have located their mother by making a public appeal for information.

Seven Network farewells Chris Bath

After 20 years with Channel Seven, veteran journalist Chris Bath has decided to step away from her news reading, reporting duties and hosting roles, effective at the end of July.

How Ridiculous set new world record

The team from Internet sensation 'How Ridiculous' have smashed their world record by sinking a hoop from the top of Tasmania's Gordon Dam.