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    The Hunt: the Australian man tracking down 'disgusting' paedophiles

    For the first time – the story of one man’s crusade to unmask those who prey on our young.  His name is Rich Warner, and he’s known as the Adelaide Pedo Hunter. To his many supporters, Rich Warner is an effective – if not unorthodox – weapon in the war against paedophiles. Emboldened by his supporters and with the police refusing to act, Rich does his own detective work.

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    End of the Road: backstage with KISS on their final tour

    On the road with Gene Simmons – made up, dressed up, and ready to rock. “Are you more comfortable with that war paint on, or without it?” Sunday Night’s Angela Cox asks the KISS singer. “This is more war paint than it is a character or anything,” Gene explains.

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    ‘Women are a game’ to players: new sex scandals rock the NRL and AFL

    It all seems so glamourous – the flash of cameras, the glitz of the red carpet, the adulation of the fans – but peek behind the façade of professional football and you’ll find a grubby undercurrent of misogyny and male entitlement. It’s a toxic culture that infects both codes, both NRL and AFL. In this heady world, players are the alphas, and women are seen as disposable, existing only to please men. Throughout the season they’re lauded as gods, but over the summer, cashed-up and with no games t

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    'It sounded like a war zone’: the terror inside the Christchurch mosque attack

    Brenton Tarrant had chosen Christchurch’s Al Noor mosque for no other reason that it looks like a place of Islamic worship. Inside the Mosque, Nour Travis is near the front, close to the imam. Gulser Ali was also near the front when the gunfire started, and recalls the chaos.

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    ‘He didn't have any right to take anyone's life’: Brenton Tarrant’s family in shock after his involvement in the Christchurch mosque shooting

    Donna Cox is mass murderer Brenton Tarrant’s cousin. She grew up with him in the riverside town of Grafton in northern NSW. Donna is the only family member ready to talk about the Christchurch massacre. “It is hard,” she exclusively tells Sunday Night’s Alex Cullen. “I hurt more for his mother, his sister, because he was never raised like that, in that sort of environment, you know? There was no violence. No family’s perfect, but certainly nothing like that. Definitely not.”

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    ‘You've got to do what you've got to do to provide for your family’: Octomum Natalie Suleman’s octuplets celebrate their 10th birthdays

    It’s a remarkable milestone – the world’s only set of surviving octuplets has just turned 10. Their mother is Natalie Suleman – better known as Octomum. She may well be the most famous single mother on the planet – and for many years, also the most hated. But Natalie Suleman is proving everyone wrong – and managing the unthinkable by successfully raising her little army with a military-like discipline. 

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    ‘No one knows where the money has gone’: on the trail of $4 billion of missing cryptocurrency after the world’s biggest financial scam

    John Bigatton is a born salesman – he’s the Australian frontman for one of the biggest financial scams the world has ever seen, BitConnect. After its collapse, $4 billion vanished overnight, wiping out the savings of thousands of Australian mum and dad investors. Sunday Night’s Matt Doran investigates John Biggaton’s shadowy role in the multi-billion dollar Bitconnect swindle, and explores a second and even more disturbing mystery – the suspicious disappearance of his wife Madeline.

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