Sunak hits out at Farage and Starmer 'would work with Le Pen'

The front page of the i newspaper
Daily Express: BBC Paid TV audience to appear at leaders' debate
The Guardian: Labour pledge to ban managers who silence NHS whistleblowers
Metro: TV paramedic murder probe
The front page of the Financial Times
Estimates by HM Revenue & Customs highlights the beneficial impact of "fiscal drag" on state coffers, according to the Financial Times which reports on the number of UK top-rate taxpayers is set to surpass a million for the first time. [BBC]
Daily Telegraph: Farage is a Putin appeaser, says Sunak
The Times: Shoot illegal migrants, said Reform campaigner
Daily Mirror: This is why we need to vote Labour
Daily Star: Invasion of the creeping bog crawlers
Finally, the Daily Star reports on former Grange Hill star Lee MacDonald - who played Zammo in the 1980s children's drama - who explains to the tabloid how he successfully caught his skin cancer early. [BBC]

The Daily Telegraph leads with an attack on Nigel Farage by the Prime Minister. Its headline features a quote from Rishi Sunak describing the Reform UK leader as a "Putin appeaser".

The Times splashes on Channel 4's Reform UK story - the paper says the revelations come as the party faces fresh claims of widespread sexist and racist behaviour among its election candidates.

In other election news the Guardian says a Labour government would ban NHS managers who silence whistleblowers. Shadow health secretary Wes Streeting pledges to eradicate a culture of cover-ups in the health service.

The NHS also features on the Daily Mirror's front page photo - showing an image of a flooded corridor in a hospital in Stockport - evidence, the paper says of the scale of neglect under the Tories.

Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves' first budget would include her pledge to impose a 20% VAT on private schools according to the i newspaper.

The Daily Express claims the BBC spent more than £30,000 of licence fee payers' money to hire audience members for the TV debate between Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer. The broadcaster said the payments are standard for such events to cover travel costs and time.

But, according to the Daily Mail a poll by market research and polling company, Redfield and Wilton Strategies, appears to show more than four million voters remain undecided on who to back in next week's election.

Moving to other domestic news the Financial Times reports the number of people paying the top-rate of income tax is due to pass the one million mark for the first time this year.

"TV paramedic murder probe" reads Metro's front page. The paper reports on the death of a paramedic who appeared on the Channel 4 reality show "999: On the Frontline", and his girlfriend. It says a double murder investigation has been launched after the bodies of Daniel Duffield, who was 24, and 22-year-old Lauren Evans were discovered at a property in Staffordshire.

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