Sullivan plans two NYE parties

Eamon Sullivan and Scarlett Stevens. Picture: Nic Ellis/The West Australian

E *amon Sullivan *is planning the party to end all parties to close the doors on what has been quite an incredible year for the former Olympian.

Following on from the sold-out bash at his *North Fremantle *beachside restaurant Bib and Tucker last New Year's Eve, Sullivan has stepped it up a notch this time around with two separate soirees at the venue to ring in 2015.

Upstairs in the main space, guests will dine on gourmet canapes made from local produce, with selected drinks, a cocktail hour and glass of Veuve Clicquot at midnight all included in the $260 ticket price.

But to offer a more affordable price point for additional punters, Sullivan has obtained a special licence to put on a more casual downstairs party featuring pop-up bars and food stalls for just $78 per head.

"It's the first year where we are doing the downstairs party," the former swimming star explained to _AAA _.

"Last year went really well upstairs so we figured we may as well try to maximise the space that the surf club has (underneath the restaurant) and bring in a cheaper ticket so people can come in and spend as much as they want, rather than have everything included."

With a big open-air dance floor forming part of the set-up, Sullivan has recruited *Scarlett Stevens *from *Perth * indie band San Cisco to spin the decks under her alter-ego DJ Beryl Streep.

For Stevens, it was an easy gig to say yes to after she heard about the concept.

"It's such a beautiful restaurant with the views of the beach and, with me being from Freo, it's nice to keep it local," she said.

"I usually don't know what I am doing on New Year's Eve so this is different for me."

Following on from last year, tickets for the upstairs event are expected to sell out within the next week and Sullivan is anticipating a diverse crowd to attend both levels of the bash.

"We had a 93-year-old on the dance floor up here until around 2am - she was the life of the party," he said with a grin.

"We had a great mix last year. A lot of my

friends came and there were all ages from 25 onwards."

As for whether Sullivan will put any of his dancing skills to use on the night - he appeared on Dancing with the Stars after announcing his retirement from competitive swimming earlier this year - he isn't so sure.

"I might bust out some foxtrot or Viennese waltz on the dance floor," Sullivan laughed.

"No, I definitely haven't got any better at dance- floor dancing since being on the show."

Tickets for the upstairs party can be bought by emailing . Downstairs party tickets can be bought at JESSIE PAPAIN

'It's such

a beautiful restaurant with the views of the beach and with me being from Freo, it's nice to keep it local.' Scarlett Stevens