Sudan signs Abraham Accords, nears Israel

Samy Magdy
·1-min read

Sudan says it has signed the "Abraham Accords" with the US, paving the way for the African country to normalise ties with Israel.

A statement from the office of Sudan's prime minister said Justice Minister Nasredeen Abdulbari signed the accord on Wednesday with visiting US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

The recent US-negotiated deals between Arab countries and Israel have been a major foreign policy achievement by US President Donald Trump's administration.

The deals were named the "Abraham Accords" after the biblical patriarch revered by Muslims and Jews.

The signing came just over two months after Trump announced that Sudan would start to normalise ties with Israel.

Before Sudan, the Trump administration engineered diplomatic pacts late last year between Israel and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain - the first since Jordan recognised Israel in the 1990s and Egypt in the 1970s.

Morocco also established diplomatic ties with Israel.