Succession’s Sarah Snook says she was once told off for eating cake

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Succession’s Sarah Snook recalls cake telling offHBO

Succession star Sarah Snook has revealed that she was once told off for eating cake in the early stages of her career.

The star played Shiv Roy in all four seasons of the HBO show, garnering critical acclaim as she secured two Golden Globe Awards and three Primetime Emmy Award nominations.

Despite enjoying considerable success in her career, the actor revealed that she suffered a tough time in her formative years, recalling a story involving a casting agent and producer from one of her first films.

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In an interview with The Times, Snook revealed that she was called a “nobody” by a particular casting agent, recalling: "[I was told] 'What we’ll do is change all of you so that you’re marketable.'

"We’ll whiten your teeth, darken your hair, we’ll give you a personal trainer so you can lose weight and look the part,'" she continued, adding that she "died inside" as a producer scolded her for eating cake on set.

The cast of Succession is soon to be busy on the awards circuit in the coming months following its conclusion, but Kieran Culkin is already looking ahead to the future, outlining his interest in a spin-off – on the condition it focuses on one specific character.

jeremy strong, sarah snook, kieran caulkin, succession, season 4

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"I feel a spin-off is a horrible idea. Remember Frasier? Yeah, we all loved Frasier, but not every show can be Frasier. [But] Cousin Greg would make a good spin-off show... That would be kind of fun," he said.

Culkin's suggestion came at the recent Golden Globe Awards ceremony, where he won the award for Best Actor in a TV Drama, despite facing competition from co-stars Brian Cox and Jeremy Strong.

Succession aired on HBO in the US, and is available on Sky Atlantic and NOW in the UK.

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