Stynes gets 'death threats' as more sponsors pull out from The Circle

An online hate campaign, reportedly including death threats, has been aimed at Channel 10 host Yumi Stynes.

Channel 10 has been forced to censor the Facebook page for her show The Circle following "extreme comments" directed at Stynes - a fallout of the controversial remarks she made about a decorated soldier.

Channel 10 suffered another major blow as more sponsors abandoned the beleaguered morning show.

The response from sponsors Mirvac Hotels and Resorts and Yoplait came as the network slammed a social media hate campaign targeting Stynes.

A spokesman for Mirvac Hotels slammed comments made about Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith as "extreme", and withdrew all sponsorship for the show.

"We would like to reiterate our stand on this, and as expressed immediately following the incident, that Mirvac Hotels & Resorts did not endorse nor support the comments ... and as a consequence, confirm that all ties with The Circle have been severed by the cancellation of our sponsorship," the company said.

Other big names companies, including Swisse Vitamins and Jamaica Blue, had already cut ties with The Circle amid a storm over the offensive comments.

Hosts Stynes and George Negus were slammed after questioning Corporal Roberts-Smith's sexual prowess and intelligence.

"He's going to dive down to the bottom of the pool to see if his brain is there," Stynes said on the morning show.

Stynes also said the soldier must have been a 'dud root' for having to conceive his children by using IVF.

Negus responded: "I'm sure he's a really good guy, nothing about poor old Ben. But that sort of bloke ... and what if they're not up to it in the sack?"

Corporal Roberts-Smith revealed on the Sunday Night program that he his twin daughters had been conceived by IVF.

Ms Stynes had been subject to a series of offensive and violent outbursts on social media websites, and Channel 10 said they were aware of the comments.

"We are concerned about the extreme nature of some of those comments and are monitoring them very closely," a Channel 10 spokesman told Fairfax.

"We are removing the most offensive comments from The Circle sites.

"We will keep on monitoring the situation very closely, in terms of the online comments and Yumi's personal situation."

Negus and Stynes both apologised to Corporal Roberts-Smith on air, and personally, and the war hero had issued a statement accepting their apologies.