Styled by grandma, accessories feature in runway show

Whatever influence flows from the runways at the Melbourne Fashion Festival, it may be more about the accessories than the clothes.

At the Utopia Runway on Monday night, the first in the festival's series of "premium" runway shows, fashion watchers were treated to a series of fascinating adornments, including oversized neckpieces and chunky acetate glasses chains.

While the ready-to-wear clothes on show may be beyond the budgets of many, the accessories would likely be more, well, accessible, as well as potentially alleviating any fashion-induced status anxiety.

First up, the "grandma's glasses chain as high fashion" trend has been around for a while, with versions in beads, pearls or cleverly cut metal.

Leo Lin's styling took the acetate accessory to the next level, with a chain so chunky it ensured one's glasses could never get lost at the bottom of one's handbag, simply because they would take up its entire contents.

It was paired with his panel dresses in pastel floral prints, and especially when seen with his sleepwear-as-daywear pieces, the trend appeared so comfortable the only thing missing was a good book.

Next, the Nevenka showing, a crowd favourite, saw the return of oversized tulle flowers, this time as neckpieces anchoring the label's complex layers of lace and crochet, another signal, if any were needed, that grandma vibes are going nowhere.

At Van Der Kooij, several jewel-toned outfits were styled with large metallic heart pendants on black chains, while the enthusiastically received Aje collection featured woven tote bags with bright designs.

There was enough room for glasses on a chain, and even a wallet.