Student recounts sex trysts with teacher

Jodie Stephens

A Sydney high school student with a "major crush" on his geography teacher was ecstatic when the teacher started messaging him online, a court has heard.

When they first had sex in the teacher's car several weeks later, the then 14-year-old was anxious, nervous and couldn't believe it was actually happening, he told the NSW District Court on Tuesday.

The teacher, 39-year-old Cameron White, is on trial over his alleged sexual relationships with the male student and two female students across three school campuses from 2007.

He has pleaded not guilty to one count of aggravated indecency, and multiple counts of aggravated sexual intercourse and sexual intercourse with a person under care.

The male former student on Tuesday said the pair first had sex in the back seat of White's car after meeting at a spot near the teenager's house. It would subsequently become a regular occurrence.

"I couldn't actually believe it was happening because, as I mentioned before, I had a major crush on him for so long," the former student told the court.

White had earlier asked the student via MSN Messenger if he was interested in fooling around, he said.

As they continued to meet, White became rough during sex and asked the student if he could call him "his bitch", the former student said.

"He would call me his bitch and he would like me to say, myself, that I am his bitch," he said.

Later the student moved to another school but he said he would continue to meet with White until he was 18, including at the teacher's Sutherland apartment.

He pointed out the building to police in a videotaped drive-by shown to the jury.

Under cross-examination from defence lawyer Lisa-Claire Hutchinson, the former student agreed that in a meeting with the Crown and a Department of Public Prosecutions solicitor, he had been told "something wasn't right" with the timing of some of his allegations.

He also agreed that someone could set up an account for MSN Messenger in a fake name.

Ms Hutchinson further put it to him that White had advertised his unit for sale on Facebook, where the former student could have seen it.

The trial continues.