Student with phobia of spiders asks Deliveroo driver for help

A criminology student who has a fear of spiders woke up to her worst nightmare – an empty house and a large arachnid in a precarious position. 

Demi Sweeney, 22, from Bournemouth in the UK, told Buzzfeed News that she was worried the eight-legged creature would fall onto her because of where it was and couldn’t ask her flatmates to help as they were not home.

When she reached out to loved ones for advice a friend reportedly suggested she buy food and ask the delivery driver for help. 

“My fear of spiders was taken to a whole new level today in which I ordered food in a hope that the delivery driver would remove the spider,” Ms Sweeney posted online. 

She contacted Deliveroo on Twitter to check she wasn’t wasting her time or money before attempting the unusual solution.

“I considered that the driver may not be able to enter the house for personal safety reasons and did not want to order food for no reason,” Ms Sweeney told BuzzFeeds News.

A Deliveroo driver helped to remove a spider for a student in the UK. Source: @demiswn/ Twitter

The correspondence between the 22-year-old and the food ordering company’s customer service account was shared in an image on Twitter.

They told her she could ask for the driver’s help with her unusual request in the ‘delivery note’ section, however they couldn’t guarantee the driver was not just as scared as she was.

When he arrived the student asked if he had seen her note about the spider.

The driver told her he was also afraid of them, but Ms Sweeney pleaded with him to help.

The student asked the customer service account if her request would be possible, as she didn’t want to order food for no reason. Source: @demiswn/ Twitter.

After he agreed, she reportedly handed him a roll of tissue paper, which she had armed herself with to run past the spider so she could open the door to let the driver in.

He got onto a chair and fulfilled her request, and the spider was eventually flushed down the toilet.

The DeliverooHelp account responded to her tweet: “What a guy! Great to see Joe could lend a helping hand – we hope nobody got stung!  

“We’ll drop you a DM you shortly so we can give Joe the praise he deserves.”