Student mortified after accidentally submitting assignment with hilarious typo

A university student has been left red-faced after accidentally submitting her assignment online with a hilarious typo.

Zoey Oxley, who studies art at Ohio University in the US, couldn’t remember her professor’s name so instead of looking it up she used a placeholder name and continued her assignment.

However, after sending it in, she realised instead of addressing it to Professor John Hendel she in fact submitted her draft version, where she named him: “Professor whats his nuts”.

Ms Oxley also wasn’t able to resubmit the assignment either and had to email Professor Hendel to explain the blunder.

“I had just submitted it and closed my laptop when I realised what I had done, and I immediately started to freak out. I had never been so embarrassed in my life,” Ms Oxley told Yahoo Lifestyle.  

She quickly sent Prof. Hendel an email with an apology. 

“I could not remember your last name, so I filled it with something completely unprofessional,” she wrote.  

“It was my intention to change the name before submission, but it completely slipped my mind.” 

Ms Oxley told Yahoo Lifestyle: “It wasn’t the best way to start the class.”

Luckily, Professor Hendel writes comedies and was able to see the humour behind the name.

“Initially I assumed they meant they had simply misspelled my name or something, but then I saw what they were actually referring to,” the professor told Yahoo.

“I absolutely saw the creativity. I’m familiar with ‘what’s his name’ and ‘what’s his face,’ but ‘what’s his nuts’ was new to me.”

The pair have a class on Thursday.

“I’m so nervous because I know it’s going to get brought up,” Ms Oxley said.  

“…But [I’m] also looking forward to laughing about it with Professor Hendel.”

Ms Hendel also shared photos of her mistake on Twitter. The pics have received more than 110,000 retweets and 490,000 likes leaving users in stitches.

“This is the funniest thing I’ve probably ever seen,” one woman tweeted.

“Good job Zoe.”

Others added they have also made similar mistakes in the past submitting assignments.

One woman tweeted she once submitted a bibliography titled, “bibliography s***” but her teacher didn’t seem to care.