'Nothing to worry about': Student, 21, dies after 'doctor dismisses lump'

A young woman has tragically died from a rare form of cancer after a doctor reportedly told her that a lump on her shoulder was "nothing to worry about."

Jenna Patel from Bolton, in the UK, was just 21 when she lost her life to Ewing sarcoma, a type of tumour that forms in bone or soft tissue.

Ms Patel first noticed the lump last year while carrying out work experience at a primary school. She was in the second year of her teaching degree.

Jenna Patel who died from cancer.
Jenna Patel died from cancer after a doctor reportedly dismissed the lump on her shoulder. Source: Facebook

Her brother, Liam, 17, told the Manchester Evening News that she'd mentioned it to him and he suggested she see a doctor.

During her visit, the physician allegedly told the student the lump was "nothing to worry about", dismissing it as a cyst.

But as it grew in size, she was eventually diagnosed with cancer in July 2021 and began chemotherapy.

Family hit by more tragedy

The tragic diagnosis came just months after her dad went into remission following a battle with brain cancer.

The news shook the family and left them fearing the worst.

Ms Patel took part in a clinical trial, but the treatment stopped working when the cancer spread to her lungs.

At this point, just two weeks before her death on May 13, doctors told Ms Patel and her family that nothing more could be done.

Despite this, the young woman maintained a positive outlook, her brother said, adding "she was still smiling, that was just Jenna".

Jenna Patel before her death
The student went through chemotherapy but it stopped working when the cancer spread to her lungs. Source: Facebook

"There was not a time of the day when she was not smiling. We were really close and did everything together," he said.

"All she wanted to do was make sure everyone around her was happy."

Family's pledge in wake of death

The Patel family are hoping to raise funds for Ewing's Sarcoma Research Trust and have set up a GoFundMe page in memory of Jenna.

"Please help us make a difference, by raising awareness against this rare disease. Even if one family is helped, or one life is saved, it would bring comfort to Jenna and her family," they wrote on the fundraiser.

"In memory of Jenna, who fought so bravely against Ewing Sarcoma and smiled every step of the way."

On Facebook, tributes have flowed for the "supportive and beautiful" woman, who friends and family saw was a "one of a kind."

"It's nice to see how many people cared about her," Liam said.

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