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Student, 22, left 'catastrophically disfigured' by dog attack

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: A 22-year-old woman was left "catastrophically" disfigured after a vicious dog attack.

Just before Christmas, Jacqueline Durand, 22, from Coppell, Texas, agreed to take care of three dogs while their owners were away.

A self-described dog lover, Ms Durand would routinely look after and walk dogs while she attended college to make a bit of extra money, news station WFAA reported.

When Ms Durand arrived home on December 23, two of the dogs, a German Shepherd mix and Pit Bull mix "brutally attacked" her, "without provocation" a legal complaint claims.

Dog-lover, Jacqueline Durand, 22, pictured with two dogs, but not the two who mauled her in December,.
Dog-lover, Jacqueline Durand, 22, was brutally mauled by two dogs she was meant to care for (not the two pictured here). Source: WFAA

The complaint was filed by attorney Chip Brooker from Brooker Law and shared online by Law and Crime.

The complaint goes on to say the dogs knocked Ms Durand over, attacked her head and face "mauling her catastrophically" and tearing off her ears, nose and "most of her face below her eyes".

"The dogs pulled off all of her clothes, including her blue jeans, and violently attacked her entire body—leaving hundreds of puncture wounds," Brooker Law said in a Facebook post.

"Today, Jacqueline remains hospitalised having undergone multiple reconstructive surgeries with many more to go."

The Facebook post also states that days before the attack, Ms Durand met the dogs and the owner told her they would be crated.

The owner allegedly texted Ms Durand just before she arrived at the home to say she had failed to put the dogs in the crate before going away.

Jacqueline Durand was left permanently disfigured following the attack. Source: Facebook
Jacqueline Durand was left permanently disfigured following the attack. Source: Facebook

Police officers attended the scene and found a storm door off its hinges, the front door wide open and blood in the foyer, WFAA reported.

Ms Durand was found moaning, lying on her stomach with "serious" facial injuries, the news station reported. The dogs were restrained while she was taken from the home.

The 22-year-old's father John Durand told WFAA her family just hopes she will be able to have some sort of normalcy one day.

Mr Durand said despite the horrific attack, his daughter still has love for animals.

“With such a kind heart, a warm, loving compassion for dogs and animals, that even continues to this day,” he told WFAA.

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