Strikes on Russia will stop Russian Kharkiv offensive, Vovchansk defenders convinced — Telegraph

Artillery of the Khartiia brigade works in the Kharkiv direction, archive photo, May 2024
Artillery of the Khartiia brigade works in the Kharkiv direction, archive photo, May 2024

The permission to use Western weapons for strikes on Russian territory opens up opportunities for Ukraine to strike Russian logistics chains, air bases and troops, which could hinder Russia's attempts to advance deeper in Kharkiv Oblast, The Telegraph reported.

This statement came after the publication reporters spoke with the Ukrainian Armed Forces 71st separate hunting brigade soldiers, and other Ukrainian military personnel who are defending Kharkiv Oblast near Vovchansk  — in particular, how the permission to strike on the Russian territory will help them.

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"It was completely unfair until now: our intelligence informs us of the Russian targets coordinates, but we cannot hit them," said one of the soldiers, a former miner from Lviv Oblast.

The military has an unequivocal opinion on the Kharkiv section of the front: the decision of the White House was correct and crucial, albeit late, The Telegraph wrote.

Soldiers fighting for Vovchansk told how previously Ukrainian commanders were unable to strike key Russian military targets on the border. When Russian forces launched their Kharkiv offensive in May, Ukraine was unable to break their troop concentration or conduct effective counter-battery fire because the Russians were firing from their side of the border.

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Ukrainian strikes on the Russian supply and logistics chains, their air bases, artillery, and places of buildup and concentration of troops should now significantly harm Russia's attempts to advance deep into the Kharkiv Oblast, the Ukrainian military predicts.

"The main thing we need to do is to break their logistics chains," the publication quoted Oleksandr, one of the 71st Brigade soldiers.

"Finally, we will be able to push them back a little," one of the Ukrainian infantrymen told The Telegraph.

"Perhaps this will give us the opportunity to respite a little."

The Ukrainian military also described the difficult current conditions at the front - the Russians still vastly outnumber Ukrainian forces in weapons despite American munitions have finally begun to reach frontlines following a long hiatus.

"If we fire 10 shells, they use 50," said one of the artillerymen.

"Even if we get shells, our artillery barrels are already old and worn out."

Permission to strike on the Russian territory would help Ukrainian forces, he said. "We have to kill the Russians so they don't come here."

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After US supplies were unbloked, the shortage of ammunition among the Ukrainian defenders decreased, another military man of the Armed Forces named Mykhailo said.

“Of course it was extremely challenging to endure at the end of 2023," he said.

"Now we can use artillery. It is impossible to fight only with infantry. If our allies also continue to supply more [weapons], then we will be able to save more Ukrainian lives."

The publication also cites the opinion of Andriy Yermak, the Presidental Office head, who called the permission from the US and the West to strike Russian territory "a vitally important decision."

"This will affect the tide of the war, the planning of counteroffensive actions, and will weaken the ability to use their forces in the border areas," Yermak said.

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