'Oh my god, it's him': Woman claims to film elusive street artist Banksy

A woman has claimed to achieve the seemingly impossible, capturing footage of the elusive street artist Banksy.

Just days before the world’s most notorious street artist launched an interactive exhibition at a hotel in Bethlehem, one woman claims she filmed him at a shopping mall nearby in Israel.

‘The Art of Banksy’ is due to open in the Arena mall in Herzliya Marina, however as is Banksy’s style, specific details still remain unknown.

In what might be a potential breakthrough, one woman, who ironically asked not to be named, shared video footage of a grafitti artist strolling around a small studio before rushing to cover his face.

The man who was registered on a security list as an artist from England was very quick to hide his identity when confronted. Source: SWNS

“The mall opens at 10am but if you need to be there earlier you have to sign your name,” the woman told a local news outlet.

“What was really weird was that when I came in and I had to sign my name, I noticed an English name and said to the security guard ‘who is that?’

“He said it was an artist from England.”

While Banksy’s identity remains firmly suppressed, the woman’s description was in line with most theories about the suspected Bristol native.

“The guy in the video is maybe around 40, the door was open and the smell of spray paint was really strong. He's not Israeli for sure,” the woman added.

“I'm not what you'd call a huge fan, but I was saying to myself 'oh my god, it's him. I think it's Banksy.”

Banksy has used his satirical street art to share his political and social commentary across the world, forming a huge cult following in the process.

Banksy recently opened his interactive exhibition in Bethlehem. Source: SWNS

His identity has been the subject of much discussion for the past decade, with many conspiracy theories doing the rounds on the Internet.

The graffiti artist has taken on countless social injustices throughout his career, including war in the Middle East and the destruction of the environment, making him one of the highest paid living artists in the world.

More recently, an investigator reopened the theory that Banksy could be the founding member of Bristol band Massive Attack, Robert ‘3D’ Del Naja, after artworks kept popping up in the same areas as the bands gigs.