Stray dog found cuddling five kittens to keep them warm

Five orphaned kittens were found alongside a stray dog on the side of the road, who was trying to keep them warm by cuddling them.

The stray dog was found shielding the kittens in Canada earlier this month and they were spotted by a “Good Samaritan” who called the Pet and Wildlife Rescue. The group was then collected by an animal control officer.

The shelter shared a photo of the unconventional family once they were safe and out of the elements, saying their “stray sweetheart” was still keeping her “babies” safe.

Serenity was found protecting five orphaned kittens on the side of the road and the 'family' was taken to a shelter. Source: Pet and Wildlife Rescue - Facebook.

The Facebook post resulted in several people expressing interest in the dog, which the shelter has since named Serenity.

“This dog has touched my heart,” one person wrote in the Facebook comments.

“As much as I wish her to be reunited with her family, I would also love to give her a loving home. I will be following her progress.”

The shelter estimates Serenity to be about two-years-old, according to a Pet and Wildlife Rescue Facebook post, which was “written” by Serenity, in hopes of finding the right forever home for her.

Serenity is clearly great with cats and has got along with a few other dogs at the shelter so far, but isn’t good with dogs who are just as dominant as she is or reactive.

Since the rescue, many people have offered to adopt Serenity, after seeing her on social media. Source: Pet and Wildlife Rescue - Facebook.

Given her assumed young age, Serenity has a lot of energy, and the shelter staff are trying to teach her manners, as she is still quite jumpy and is not yet perfectly house trained.

The shelter staff are concerned about the potential backlash for not adopting Serenity and the five cats all together.

However, as explained in the second Facebook post, the kittens are too young to be on their own and adopted just yet.

“If they waited for the kittens to be ready that would mean that I wouldn't have my forever family for a couple of months,” ‘Serenity’ wrote on the Pet and Wildlife Rescue Facebook.

The shelter’s goal is to get the dogs out of the shelter and with a family as soon as possible, and the kittens will be available for adoption as soon as they are old enough.

The kittens are currently too young to be adopted, however the shelter is looking to get Serenity a forever home as soon as possible. Source: Pet and Wildlife Rescue - Facebook.

“If they waited for the kittens to be ready that would mean that I wouldn't have my forever family for a couple of months,” Serenity said.

“I hope that whoever does get this little heart of gold pup, that they rescue one of the kittens from the litter as well to keep them together,” someone commented on the post.

This dog deserves so much love and a good home!” another person said.

While it is not clear what breed Serenity is, some people in the comments have speculated she is a Belgian Malinois or a Black Mouth Cur.

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