Strangers step in and help when mom tells toddler she can buy as many toys as she can carry

A group of strangers stepped in and helped a toddler when her mom told her she could buy as many toys as she could carry during a trip to the store in a hilarious video!

Trisha Danielle (@trisha.danielle) is a parent and TikToker who decided to give her toddler daughter a fun challenge during a recent trip to the store. The mom told her daughter she could buy as many toys as she wanted on one condition: She had to be able to carry them all to the cash register. In a hilarious video, a group of strangers spot the toddler struggling to carry all the toys she wants and step in to help her out!

“These strangers heard me say, ‘If you can’t carry it, you can’t have it,’” the mom writes in a caption as the video begins. “[They] helped her out.”

The toddler stands in the toy aisle of the store, clutching a large doll in a box to her chest. Beside her, two strangers, a man and a woman, hold the remaining toys she was hoping to purchase.

The woman bends down and slides one of the toys into the girl’s arms. “Hold your head up,” she advises the toddler, as she tries to balance the toy. “Hug it real tight.”

“Y’all are so funny,” Trisha exclaims, watching the strangers strategize how the toddler can carry all the toys.

Once the strangers have helped the toddler carry all the toys, they begin to applaud. “You got it,” the woman exclaims as the toddler walks towards her mom with a smirk on her face.

The video ends with the triumphant toddler placing her armload of toys in front of the cash register while her mom laughs in resignation.

Viewers applauded both the determined toddler and the helpful strangers!

“I know they were talking about how cute she was on the ride home,” one viewer wrote.

“Her little smile of appreciation. Too cute,” commented another TikToker.

“That’s so sweet of them,” wrote another viewer.

Trisha also appreciated the helpful strangers, even if they made her spend more money than she wanted to. “If this video finds you,” she wrote, “Y’all owe me $15.”

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