Woman touched by gift from 'kind soul' getting off the bus

A woman was left smiling after a stranger gave her a generous gift while she was getting off the bus in Brisbane.

“To the kind soul that gave me this as I was getting off the bus you honestly made my day and made me smile,” Brittany Lee Rickards wrote on Facebook.

“You’re proof good people still do exist in this world.”

The mother shared photos of a ring wrapped around a $20 note and an appointment card with an uplifting message.

Young Brisbane mum Brittany Lee Rickards was shocked after a stranger handed her a gift on her way home on a bus. Source: Facebook / Supplied.

“Keep pushing forwards,” the stranger wrote. “Motherhood = Goddess.”

On the back of the note, it appears the stranger wrote “From a dad”.

Ms Rickards is 18-years-old with an 11-month-old daughter. The mysterious man gave her the gift when she was coming home on the bus.

“Honestly, I was shocked and a little confused because he said nothing then he started making hand signals,” Miss Rickards told Yahoo News Australia. “I realised he couldn’t hear. I still said ‘bless you’ as I got off the bus.

“I couldn’t stop smiling, it made my day honestly. When I read what it said it just made me realise that there’s still good people in this cruel world.”

Ms Rickards said nothing like this had ever happened to her before.

“I guess god knew I needed something like this and sent me an angel,” she said.

"Keep pushing forwards" the stranger wrote on a note. Source: Facebook

Ms Rickards said she agrees with the ‘Motherhood = Goddess’ message, saying it was “truely amazing”.

“I am a mum, it is challenging at times but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

The generous gift was appreciated by many people who commented on the post, many saying the gesture was “beautiful”.

“There’s so much negativity and wrong doing in the world and then you see something like this and know it’s not all bad,” someone commented

“Easiest thing in life is to be kind,” another person said. “We all need to do it more often and share some love n happiness.”

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